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Today’s TOP News Updates (17-11-2020)

Today’s TOP News Updates (17-11-2020)

Hello Everyone Myself Swetha Ramesh. Do you know what happened today? Let us take a look into Today’s TOP News Updates (17-11-2020)

1. Tax evasion case : Department receives Notice On Karti Chidambaram Plea

  • New Delhi: On Monday, Supreme Court sought response from the Income Tax department on the pleas of Karti Chidambaram (Congress MP) and his wife who is challenging the transfer of a tax evasion case filed against them before a lower court to a Special Court which is for MPs and MLAs.
  • A bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan and R Subhash Reddy issued notice to the Income Tax department on an appeal which was filed by Karti Chidambaram, son of senior Congress leader P Chidambaram, against the Madras HC (High Court) judgment.

2. Many Doctors, Paramedics En Route To Delhi

  • New Delhi: Home ministry officials said on Monday evening that 75 Doctors and 250 paramedics from CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces) will be going to Delhi to help another surge of coronavirus cases .
  • After number of meetings with various wings of the armed forces this decision was made.

3. Quad navies ready for great intensity Malabar phase 2

  • On Tuesday, the navies of India which is United States, Japan and Australia will kick off the 2nd phase of the Malabar exercise in the northern Arabian Sea at the same time China is closely tracking the activities of these countries and also seeking to rapidly increase its footprint in the Indian Ocean Region, officials said on Monday.

4. UN Security Council- An Impaired Organ, states India

  • New York: Today the Security Council has become an impaired organ as it is unable to act with credibility essentially due to its unrepresentative nature, India said at 75th session of UN General Assembly.
  • Intergovernmental Negotiations has become like a great platform for debate rather than a serious result-oriented process in UN, said India’s Permanent Representative TS Tirumurthi.

5. Six year old girl Gang Raped : Kanpur

  • Kanpur: On Sunday, 6 year old girl, who was found dead in a forested area in Uttar Pradesh, was gang raped and killed. According to reports by police, her lungs were then taken out by the killers.
  • The lungs were removed from the child’s body to perform black magic, believing that it will help a woman give birth to a child, they said.

6. Rise Of Over 1.5 Lakh Voters: Delhi’s draft electoral roll

  • New Delhi: In the total number of electors in the city compared to the last published roll this January, Delhi’s draft electoral roll published on Monday shows a rise of over 1.5 lac.
  • According to the Delhi CEO Office, total number of electors in Delhi stands at 1,48,43,859 in the draft roll and there is an increase in the number of both male and female voters vis-a-vis the one published on January 6.

7. Farmer Protests In Punjab: 1.67 Crore Loss To Railways

  • New Delhi: According to the Sources, railways has suffered a loss of 1,670 crore in freight earnings alone due to the farmers protests in Punjab which has continued for over fifty days as of now, resulting in the cancellation of 1,986 passenger services and 3,090 goods trains to the region.
  • All Train services were remained closed in the state due to rejecting the proposal of the protesters to start only goods trains. Due to the suspension of services, national transporter suffers an estimated daily loss of 36 crore in freight earnings, sources said.

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