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Today’s TOP News Updates (2-12-2020)

Today’s TOP News Updates (2-12-2020)

Hello Everyone Myself Swetha Ramesh. Do you know what happened today? Let us take a look into Today’s TOP News Updates (2-12-2020)

1. Sand Truck Overturns On Sports vehicle: 8 killed

  • 8 killed On Wednesday early morning, as a sand laden truck overturned on a sports utility vehicle in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district.
  • SUV had total ten occupants who were returning from a marriage ceremony. Necessary action will be taken has been assured by Police.

2. Developing Nasal Spray To Prevent CORONA virus: US

  • In biotech firm Regeneron and at the university in Pennsylvania scientists are in a great investigation whether gene therapy can be useful to make a nasal spray that will prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

3. Farmers’ protest leading to Delhi-Noida border closure


  • Farmers protesting against Centre government’s farm laws at Noida-Delhi border for the 2nd day on Wednesday.
  • Due to which key route that connects UP with the national capital Delhi is getting closed.
  • The Delhi Traffic Police has advised people travelling to the Delhi to use Delhi-Noida Direct route instead of using the Chilla route.

4. Next disaster Cyclone Burevi to cross Tamil Nadu coast on Friday

  • As the storm came over southwest Bay of Bengal on Wednesday morning, South Tamil Nadu and Kerala coasts braced for Cyclone Burevi.
  • It is expected to cross Tamil Nadu coast on Friday and Srilanka on Wednesday.
  • According to reports Cyclone Burevi storm will bring very heavy rainfall in South Tamil Nadu.

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