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Today’s TOP News Updates (20-11-2020)

Today’s TOP News Updates (20-11-2020)

Hello Everyone Myself Swetha Ramesh. Do you know what happened today? Let us take a look into Today’s TOP News Updates (20-11-2020)

1. Joe Biden Win, Recount too completed: Georgia

  • Washington: On Thursday,the US state named Georgia has completed a manual recount of all the ballots cast there in the presidential election from that the results confirm Joe Biden’s win in the state, officials said.
  • The audit also confirmed that the original machine count precisely.
  • Donald Trump was accused on Thursday by US President elect Joe Biden of loudly damaging democracy as the incumbent on with a campaign to reverse his great election loss through personal outreach and also fraud claims to election authorities.
  • Biden told reporters in his hometown Delaware that Trump is behind all damaging messages sent to the rest of the whole world about functioning of democracy.

2. Coronavirus India latest Updates: 12th consecutive day reported less than 50,000

  • New Delhi: According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday, India’s Corona cases closer to the 90 lac mark with around 45,576 confirmed Corona cases.
  • India’s tally has increased to 89,58,484 including recoveries 83,83,602 and 4,43,303 active cases. With 585 new deaths, the death count reached to 1,31,578.
  • After November 7 till now India is reporting less than 50,000 cases which is the twelfth consecutive day.

3. Pak provides supporting Cover Fire To Infiltrators continuously

  • New Delhi- India on Thursday,hitting out at Pak said that despite repeated calls for remaining calm and faithful to the ceasefire understanding of 2003, Pakistani forces continuing to give supporting cover fire to infiltrators.
  • Anurag Srivastava, Ministry of External Affairs said that the never stopping infiltration of terrorists and induction of weapons to fuel terror activities continues without becoming weaker.
  • He added that such terror activities are not at all possible without the support of Pakistani forces who have deployed along the Line of Control (LOC).

4. China secretly making moves in central, Eastern sectors and sikkim

  • China has secretly undertaken a large military infrastructure in the central, Sikkim also in eastern sectors at the same time strengthening of surface to air missile sites.
  • This led to an increase in automatic aerial vehicle numbers, and an expansion of airbases in Tibet while the world’s attention has been focused towards Beijing’s hostile moves on the line of actual control in Eastern Ladakh and its stressed tightly with India, according to people familiar with the matter.

5. Road accident in Uttar Pradesh: 14 killed

  • According to news agency ANI, on Thursday night 14 people, including 6 children, were killed when the vehicle they were travelling got collided with a truck in Pratapgarh in UP.
  • The accident was taken place on Prayagraj-Lucknow highway at a particular spot which falls under Manikpur police station.

6. 30% rise in Edible oils in last one year

  • NEW DELHI: Rising edible oil prices rapidly has become a great concern for the government.
  • The average prices of all edible oils which includes groundnut, mustard, vanaspati, soybean, sunflower and palm have increased with the subsequent spike to 20-30% in the last 1 year.
  • Sources said that earlier this week, rising price issue was presented before a Group of Ministers which headed by Amit Shah (Home Minister ).
  • They also added that due to import of nearly 30,000 tonnes prices of onion have decreased and potato prices have also stabilised, edible oil prices have been increasing constantly.

7. Selected Half of women officers for permanent commission: Army

  • NEW DELHI: Almost half of the women officers have been considered for permanent commission (PC) in the Army that have made the grade in the 1st ever special selection board held for them in the 13 lac strong force.
  • A senior officer said that, on Thursday Army declassified the results of the Special No 5 Selection Board which constituted to screen short-service commission (SSC) women officers, from the total 615 candidates almost 300 was selected for Permanent Commision.

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