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Today’s TOP News Updates (26-11-2020)

Today’s TOP News Updates (26-11-2020)

Hello Everyone Myself Swetha Ramesh. Do you know what happened today? Let us take a look into Today’s TOP News Updates (26-11-2020)

1. Trees Uprooted, Heavy Rain As Cyclone Nivar hits Chennai.

  • Cyclone Nivar hitted Puducherry coast on late Wednesday night which led to uprooting trees, strong winds and rains as thousands of people took protection in shelters.
  • This incident happened around 2.30 am with winds up to 130 kilometres in 1 hour.
  • In Tamil Nadu thousands of state and national emergency personnel were deployed.
  • To prevent damage to the electricity grid, Andra Pradesh and Puducherry as authorities suspended power supply across several cities.

2. Mardona, divine talent passes away

  • Argentine football legend captain Diego Mardona died on Wednesday at the age of 60.
  • Mardona passed away at his home on the outskirts of Buenos Aries.
  • Argentina government confirmed that Mardona’s body will lie in the state at Casa Rosado Government headquarters.
  • They also added that the great legend will be given a state funeral.

3. Mumbai Terror attacks- 12th anniversary

  • The 12th Anniversary of Mumbai Terror attacks 26/11 is observed on Thursday.
  • City police is organising an event to pay homage to the martyred security personnel , only limited people are attending in view of Pandemic, said officials.

4. Haryana Police use tear gas and water canon on protesting farmers near Delhi Haryana border

  • Situation got worse near Delhi Haryana border on Thursday early morning as Haryana Police sprayed water cannon, tear gas over the protesting farmers to stop them from reaching Delhi.
  • On the other hand the protesters threw stones at barricades.
    They lifted police barricades and dropped these barricades into the river.
  • The clash went on as security around Delhi came while farmers created new plans to split into groups and reach the national capital.

5. Bharat Bandh : Banking services, Transport likely to be affected

  • On Thursday, More than 25 crore workers are expected to join in a nationwide strike which is jointly called by ten central unions who are protesting against various policies of the government.
  • As a lot of bank unions, transport are part of the strike, banking services are to be hit all over the country. Only very few autos and taxis might be on road today.

6. India restart work on economic projects

  • NEW DELHI: Indiam government has understood that Nepal is very important to allow the latter’s cartographic adventurism to rip the bilateral relationship asunder.
  • India is looking forward to restart work on economic projects and improve trade ties, Without diluting its stand that Nepal’s territorial claims are not backed by any data or evidence.

7. India vs Australia, 1st ODI

  • SYDNEY: A unique shade of retro blue and new world awaits the great Indian cricket team which re-enters the international stadium without Rohit Sharma in the first ODI here on Friday.
  • The absence of injured Rohit Sharma will surely leave a gaping hole at the top of order.

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