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Today’s TOP News Updates (30-11-2020)

Today’s TOP News Updates (30-11-2020)

Hello Everyone Myself Swetha Ramesh. Do you know what happened today? Let us take a look into Today’s TOP News Updates (30-11-2020)

1. Farmers Protest Latest Updates: Amit Shah, Top BJP Leaders Meet


  •  Farmers’ Protest is entering five days.
  • Farmers have denied the centre’s offer to hold talks once they move to the Burari ground, the farmers who are protesting at Delhi’s borders for four days against the new farm laws on Sunday said that they are not ready to have a chat with them and challenged to block all five entry points to the national capital.

2. China To Build Major Dam On Brahmaputra River

  • Beijing: China is going to build a major hydropower project on Brahmaputra river in Tibet
  • A proposal for this has been clearly put forward in the fourteenth five-Year Plan to be started from next year, the official media on Sunday quoted the head of a Chinese company with the task of builring the dam in its body page.

3. Coronavirus Latest Updates: India’s Covid Tally Nears 94 Lakh, 1,36,696 Total Deaths

  • New Delhi: There is a great increase of cases in India with 41,810 new infections in the last 24 hours taking the tally to 93,92,919.
  • There deaths recorded in the last 24 hours are 496 peoples and the number of active cases went down by 984.
  • There total number of active cases in India are 4,53,956.

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